Important Information for 2022

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Important information for the 2022 season

  1. Players must have had a PIAA physical done within the last six months. A medical provider must fill out Section 6 for players who have not had a sports physical this year. Any players who had a physical for a fall/winter sport, the recertification material in Section 7 needs to be completed by a parent or guardian.
    1. Download physical forms.
  • Registration is open. At that time, you will need to register with USA Lacrosse and obtain your USA Lacrosse number. USA Lacrosse registration costs $35. This link is on the Meadville Bulldog Lacrosse registration form which is at The cost for the Meadville Lacrosse program is the same as last year, however, the cost of the fundraiser is now incorporated into the registration fee. When the fundraiser is collected by the player, that money will be kept by the player. This TOTAL cost continues to be below the cost of other northwest PA lacrosse programs even without their fundraisers. Our fundraiser is necessary due to an anticipated increased cost in player transportation this year. We offer several forms of payment and are open to payment plans.
  • Meadville Lacrosse does not want cost to be a barrier to access. If a family anticipates any financial challenges for a player, please contact Treasurer Jennifer Grasinger or President Dominick DiRienzo prior to registration for information on assistance that may be available.
  • Necessary waivers, forms and dues must be submitted by March 1 or player cannot participate.  The cut-off to register to play with Meadville Bulldog Lacrosse JV/Varsity for the 2022 is once the first game occurs.
  • New for 2022: A rule change from USA Lacrosse mandates that all players must have a chest protector that will protect players from cardiac arrest due to a blow to the heart area. This is a new standard and will require a new chest protector that meets the NOCSAE standard, ND200.
  • Preseason workouts return in January! Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 5 for JV/Varsity, and Saturday, Jan. 8 is an OPEN GYM for all ages and for newcomers who want to see what lacrosse is all about. Please spread the word to all the young people you know! The workouts will continue most Wednesdays and Saturdays following until the season starts. See Team Snap for details or
  • If you or someone you know is having trouble with TeamSnap please reach out to any board member
  • Parent meeting is 6 p.m. Feb 16 at New Beginnings Church, we encourage parents to attend in person (following proper CDC guidelines at that time), however a virtual option will be available this year as well for those who are unable to attend in person.

Have a very Happy Holidays and GO DOGS!

Coupon code for equipment and cleats!

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2023 Registration

2023 Registration and payment is all in one location.  If you cannot make the full payment when completing your player’s registration, you must contact Treasurer Jen Grasinger BEFORE starting the registration process.

Any questions regarding registration, please contact:

Registration for the 2023 JV/Varsity season:

  • Opens on January 2, 2023 and closes on February 17, 2023. 

Registration for the 2023 Middle School (4th-6th and 7th-8th) season:

  • Opens on February 1, 2023 and closes on March 17, 2023.

2023 Registration Fees

**These fees do NOT include any Fundraising that helps our teams**

  • JV/Varsity (High School) $275 
  • 7th – 8th Middle School $175
  • 4th – 6th Middle School $75 

Things to Remember

  • USA Lacrosse Membership
    • ALL players must have a current USA Lacrosse membership before she/he can be registered.
    • Register or Renew your USA Lacrosse membership here.
  • PIAA Physical Forms or Recertification Form
    • JV/Varsity players must have a PIAA sports physical completed prior to the first official practice. NO EXCEPTIONS.
      • You can get a copy of the physical form from the Meadville Athletics site here
        • Click on Files & Links
        • Download PIAA Sports Form
      • If your player had a PIAA Sports Physical for a Fall or Winter sport, they still need to complete and turn in the Recertification page of the Physical Form
        • This is Page 8 of the PIAA Physical Form
      • All PIAA sports physical forms and recertification forms should be turned in directly to the Athletic Director’s office NOT to a Coach.

Please use this link to register for the 2023 season!!

Go Dogs!


Varsity and Jv players weight train and also have gym time at the Aux Gym typically Tuesday and Thursday / Friday. Middle School practices Saturday morning 11-1230. Varsity Jv practice 1200 to 200.

12/3…Weight room 5-630
12/4…Aux Gym 7-830
12/5…Weight room 5-630
12/7…Aux Gym 530-700
12/8…Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle school 12-200 Var
12/10..Weight room 5-630
12/12..Weight room 5-630
12/14..Aux Gym 7-830
12/15…Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
12/17..Weight room 5-630
12/18..Aux Gym 7-830
12/19..Weight room 5-630
12/21..Aux Gym 530-700
12/22..Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
12/24 to 12/28 Off
12/29..Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var


1/2…Weight room 5-630
1/3…Aux Gym 7-830
1/5…Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
1/7…Weight room 5-630
1/8…Aux Gym 7-830
1/9…Weight room 5-630
1/11..Aux Gym 530-700
1/12..Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
1/14..Weight room 5-630
1/15..Aux Gym 7-830
1/16..Weight room 5-630
1/17..Aux Gym 7-830
1/19..Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
1/21..Weight room 5-630
1/22..Aux Gym 7-830
1/23..Weight room 5-630
1/24..Aux Gym 7-830
1/26..Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
1/28..Weight room 5-630
1/29..Aux Gym 7-830
1/30..Weight room 5-630

2/1…Aux Gym 530-7pm
2/2…Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
2/4…Weight room 5-630
2/5…Aux Gym 7-830
2/6…Weight room 5-630
2/7…Aux Gym 6-730
2/9…Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
2/11..Weight room 5-630
2/12..Aux Gym 7-830
2/13..Weight room 5-630
2/14..Aux Gym 530-700
2/16..Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
2/18..Weight room 5-630
2/19..Aux Gym 530-700
2/20..Weight room 5-630
2/21..Aux Gym 530-700
2/23..Aux Gym 11-1230 Middle School 12-200 Var
2/25..Weight room 5-630
2/26..Aux Gym 530-700
2/27..Weight room 5-630
2/28..Aux Gym 530-700

Bulldog Varsity Jv schedule 2019

We have completed the 2019 Bulldog Varsity Jv schedule for this upcoming season. The official date of the first practice is March 4th. We typically practice from 4 pm to 6pm at Bender field. Hopefully the weather will be better than last season.

3/4…..Official start date for practice 4pm to 6pm

3/23….BOARDMAN JV 1pm Var 3pm
3/28….@ Prep Jv 530pm Var 700pm
3/30….CASH Jv 1pm

4/01….@ Butler Jv 6pm Var 730pm
4/03….@ Chardon Var 7pm
4/11….@ McDowell Jv 530pm Var 7pm
4/13….SOUTHEAST Var 1pm
4/13….W. GEAUGA Jv 3pm
4/17….FAIRVIEW Var 6pm
4/27….@ Boardman Jv 1pm Var 3pm
4/29….PREP Jv 530pm Var 7pm

5/02….McDOWELL Jv 530pm Var 7pm
5/04….FREEPORT Jv 3pm Var 430 pm
5/06….@ Cash TBA Jv only
5/09….@ Fairview 6pm
5/11….@ South Fayette Jv 1200 Var 115pm

Winter workouts High School and Middle School

All high school Bulldog Lacrosse players. The winter workouts have been finalized for this winter. I have confirmed weight room and auxiliary gym times for us to start amping up our training from December to March.

We will continue to weight train every Monday and Wednesday from 5-630. We only lift on those days so you will not need your stick or gloves. I am thinking we should finish the lifting no later than 615.

We will also have two nights of open gym in the auxiliary gym for stick and position play drills. I tried to get the same nights each week depending on availability. Typically the days will be Tuesday night and mostly Thursday nights (some fridays) from 7-830. Players will need full gear for these practices. Especially helmets and gloves. We are not just doing stick drills. We will be getting everyone “ready” for the season.(Conditioning)

Saturdays we will have open gym for everyone. We will first have all middle school players starting at 11-1230. Again this training will be in the Auxiliary gym. These players will need helmets, gloves and sticks. All beginning players just need to show for the basics. The coaches can help the new players and parents with what type of gear and how to purchase It.

The high school players will be there at 12-200pm. High school players will do a short lifting workout at 12 then go into the gym at 1230.

The next post will have the entire winter workout schedule on it. I have seen great strength improvements by all players that have been working out this off season. We are hoping this continues through the winter prior to the season.

Any questions contact me
Coach Gump

Bulldogs had busy summer playing lacrosse

Bulldog Lacrosse players represented numbers for our lacrosse program this past summer. Many Varsity and JV players were on several summer tournament programs.

I cannot stress the importance of playing summer lacrosse. Players gain from the coaching and the playing experience of the competition of the best of western New York and beyond.

If you have interests in playing at the next level. If you truly want to increase your abilities, skills and knowledge of the game. I strongly suggest that playing summer lacrosse will be the best experience over any camp you can attend.

I will advise you first hand that college coaches are more interested with what you do during the summer rather than what school you play for and what camps you attended.

I am receiving player inquiring by college coaches at all levels for some of our players. Hopefully others will continue to strive to represent our program once they graduate from high school. Please if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Coach Schwab