All new players that want to play lacrosse

Attention to all new players that have been thinking about playing lacrosse. We can provide you in the off season with skill training and drills that can help you jump into the program with the abilities to play the game.

All new players at the Jv / Varsity level. We are currently strength training at the high school gym. We are also doing stick skill and position play training during open gym dates. We weight train Monday and Wednesday 5-630 pm at the high school weight room. The stick skill training would benefit all new players. the dates for open gym will soon be confirmed. We can get you prepared with proper techniques in these workouts. You will still have to do your homework, but we can provide you with the basics of what works.

All new/ old middle school players. We will also offer you practices on Saturday mornings at the Aux gym and or the field weather permitting. The first Saturday practices will start soon with the times of 11-1230 middle school and Jv Varsity 12-2pm. I will confirm the gym is open and post this on this website and also on team snap.

Any questions contact me

Coach Gump

Off season workouts continue throughout the summer, fall and into this coming winter.

All players entering this season at the JV / Varsity level need to be prepared for this season. If you are not currently involved in winter sports you should be attending our workouts at the high school weight room and auxiliary gym.

The players that have attended have seen first hand the importance of strength training. We train Monday and Wednesday after school from 4 pm to 6 pm. We complete our lifting then enter either outside or in the gym for skill work and position play.

Our numbers have been good but could be better. Strength and conditioning training is not just for strength. This training is essential for injury prevention as well. The players that dedicated to our training this entire off season will have the advantage coming into this season. I have seen significant strength gains by all.

We are very careful with our form and types of lifts. I have used my experience of over 35 years of training to ensure that everyone will benefit to the max of their abilities while conducting proper form and correctness of exercises. I cannot say that about other programs and some personal trainers.

Saturdays will continue to be optional for full gear practices. Weather and field availability will dictate our chances of having these practices. I will post them on team snap. Any questions feel free to contact me.

Coach Gump

Bulldog Varsity JV 2018 Season begins

All Varsity and JV players,

Starting next Monday March 5th and March 6th we will have mandatory practice for all players that are not in a current sport. We will practice Monday and Tuesday 4-6 pm. We will not practice again until Saturday March 10th 9-11. Our season is officially open on March 5th.

If you cannot attend I need to be notified in advance with the reasons why. March 10th we will have a team meeting in the locker room prior to practice so I would like everyone dressed and ready to go no later than 0845. If I am not notified prior, that will be an Unexcused practice.

Practice will continue after school March 12th each day 4-6. We will battle weather so it’s each player’s responsibility to bring proper clothing. I also want each player to bring their own water for the breaks.

I’ve already addressed checking your gear each night which should include cleaning your gear and examining strings, mesh and protective gear to make sure repairs are done prior to practice. All players must have a mouthpiece also in order to participate in practice.

All players must be registered and have their US lacrosse membership renewed prior to participating in any mandatory practice. Starting March 5th. Complete registration payment must be completed prior to our scrimmage on March 22. Any issues with these requirements I need to contacted. Several returning players have not registered as of yet so please get this done as soon as possible.

We have permission to use the home field locker room this year. We will keep it clean and organized. We are also going to continue strength training each week throughout the season with dates to be determined week by week.

Our first scrimmage is March 22 at home against Fairview. 6pm. We have a lot of work to get done prior so we need everyone committed.

Please if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Let’s Go Dogs !!!!

Coach Gump

Varsity/ JV schedule 2018

March 22.   Scrimmage vs Fairview 6pm cancelled because of weather

March 28.    At Notre Dame Catholic Latin 530 JV.  700 Var.

April 2.     Erie Prep.   530 Varsity 700 JV

April 5.     Chardon     530 JV.  700 Var

April 12.   At Freeport   500 JV.  700 Var

April 14.   South Fayette 1pm JV.  300 Var

April 16.   At CASH.   JV only ?   530

April 17.   At Poland  600 Var

April 19.  McDowell  530 Varsity  700 JV

April 23.  At Fairview 600 Varsity

April 28.  At Southeast 1230 JV 200 Varsity. Middle school plays at 1030

April 30.   CASH  530 JV only ?

May 2.  At Erie Prep  530 Varsity 700 JV

May 5.  Butler.  100 Jv.  300 Var

May 7.  At McDowell. 530 Varsity 700 JV

May 10.  Fairview.  600 Varsity

Winter workouts

I am glad to announce that we will have the opportunity to workout inside during this winter.   All Varsity and Jv players will have workouts every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights at the auxiliary gym starting at 7pm to 830pm.   We have also changed the Saturday morning workout time frames to 10am to 12pm.     All players who are not in a winter sport are urged to attend.    All players must bring helmets, sticks and gloves to these practices.

This Year we have the opportunity  to be ready to play this upcoming season.   Having an indoor facility will enable us to be in shape and ready to Go right out of the gates.

We will also start strength training lifting Monday and Wednesday after school starting at 4pm in the school weight room.  We will finish at 515pm.

We are determined to make this program the best it can be and with everyone’s dedication we can accomplish our goals.

All players are welcome on Saturdays.   Any questions please contact me.

Let’s Go Dogs !!!

Coach Gump

2018 Varsity Registration

Registration for the Spring 2018 Varsity Season will run from January 8th-January 28th. We are excited this year to be able to complete registrations online. You can find all of the information to register on the page 2018 Lacrosse Registration. You must have a current US Lacrosse membership to complete the online form. Directions to get your membership are available on the registration page. Once you submit your completed form you will be able to make your payment through Team Snap. Cost of registration is $250.