Winter workouts High School and Middle School

All high school Bulldog Lacrosse players. The winter workouts have been finalized for this winter. I have confirmed weight room and auxiliary gym times for us to start amping up our training from December to March.

We will continue to weight train every Monday and Wednesday from 5-630. We only lift on those days so you will not need your stick or gloves. I am thinking we should finish the lifting no later than 615.

We will also have two nights of open gym in the auxiliary gym for stick and position play drills. I tried to get the same nights each week depending on availability. Typically the days will be Tuesday night and mostly Thursday nights (some fridays) from 7-830. Players will need full gear for these practices. Especially helmets and gloves. We are not just doing stick drills. We will be getting everyone “ready” for the season.(Conditioning)

Saturdays we will have open gym for everyone. We will first have all middle school players starting at 11-1230. Again this training will be in the Auxiliary gym. These players will need helmets, gloves and sticks. All beginning players just need to show for the basics. The coaches can help the new players and parents with what type of gear and how to purchase It.

The high school players will be there at 12-200pm. High school players will do a short lifting workout at 12 then go into the gym at 1230.

The next post will have the entire winter workout schedule on it. I have seen great strength improvements by all players that have been working out this off season. We are hoping this continues through the winter prior to the season.

Any questions contact me
Coach Gump

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