Off season workouts continue throughout the summer, fall and into this coming winter.

All players entering this season at the JV / Varsity level need to be prepared for this season. If you are not currently involved in winter sports you should be attending our workouts at the high school weight room and auxiliary gym.

The players that have attended have seen first hand the importance of strength training. We train Monday and Wednesday after school from 4 pm to 6 pm. We complete our lifting then enter either outside or in the gym for skill work and position play.

Our numbers have been good but could be better. Strength and conditioning training is not just for strength. This training is essential for injury prevention as well. The players that dedicated to our training this entire off season will have the advantage coming into this season. I have seen significant strength gains by all.

We are very careful with our form and types of lifts. I have used my experience of over 35 years of training to ensure that everyone will benefit to the max of their abilities while conducting proper form and correctness of exercises. I cannot say that about other programs and some personal trainers.

Saturdays will continue to be optional for full gear practices. Weather and field availability will dictate our chances of having these practices. I will post them on team snap. Any questions feel free to contact me.

Coach Gump

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