Bulldog Varsity JV 2018 Season begins

All Varsity and JV players,

Starting next Monday March 5th and March 6th we will have mandatory practice for all players that are not in a current sport. We will practice Monday and Tuesday 4-6 pm. We will not practice again until Saturday March 10th 9-11. Our season is officially open on March 5th.

If you cannot attend I need to be notified in advance with the reasons why. March 10th we will have a team meeting in the locker room prior to practice so I would like everyone dressed and ready to go no later than 0845. If I am not notified prior, that will be an Unexcused practice.

Practice will continue after school March 12th each day 4-6. We will battle weather so it’s each player’s responsibility to bring proper clothing. I also want each player to bring their own water for the breaks.

I’ve already addressed checking your gear each night which should include cleaning your gear and examining strings, mesh and protective gear to make sure repairs are done prior to practice. All players must have a mouthpiece also in order to participate in practice.

All players must be registered and have their US lacrosse membership renewed prior to participating in any mandatory practice. Starting March 5th. Complete registration payment must be completed prior to our scrimmage on March 22. Any issues with these requirements I need to contacted. Several returning players have not registered as of yet so please get this done as soon as possible.

We have permission to use the home field locker room this year. We will keep it clean and organized. We are also going to continue strength training each week throughout the season with dates to be determined week by week.

Our first scrimmage is March 22 at home against Fairview. 6pm. We have a lot of work to get done prior so we need everyone committed.

Please if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Let’s Go Dogs !!!!

Coach Gump

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